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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

aih.. hehehe akhirna!!
perjuangan mencari treasure gak sia2!! hahahaha
aku dapet pengetahuan baru lagi tentang program hehe *bangga*

Harvest Moon :333

iiihhh kangen aku ma game ini, puas aku maen semalam, eh belom puas seh.. hahaha padahal amen ampe tengah malam XDDDD
ampe kena marah abis2an.. wkwkwkkwk apa boleh buat, lagi inget harvest moon tiba2.. jadi pengeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeennnnn banget maen! hahaha
sip, maen lagi :D

11:28 PM

today, i dont know what happen lately, there's too much bad things..
mnet scandal, and jaebom, oh my.. although i dont really know about 2PM, but i love their style. they can be so funny yet cool at the same time. but yeah, i dont want to mention more than that, i feel so sad :(

then, this should be posted a week ago XD
but, yeah,~
now i have a little time for blogging :D

i met a Minhyuk lookalike!!! OMG OMG OMG!
he's so tall, i bet he's around 180 too, like Minhyuk :D
his eyes! eyes! soooooooo minhyuk lol
but yeah, miracle wont come for the second time v__v
uh.. i regret that i didnt ask his name, phone number, lololol


i was at bank, then waiting for my turn :D
then i was bored so i kept looking at passenger, then suddenly something catch my eyes, "eh, minhyuk??? O_____O"
i was like that,, hahaha glad that i didnt scream loudly like insane XD
*sok jaim XD*

OMG OMG OMG it's minhyuk! hahaha like that, fine, finally i was back to reality after few minutes hehePhotobucket
i was chatting with chani :D (new nickname for techan ~)
then i told her, she said, stalked him! i want to see his photo!
haha yeah, i tried, but, i would get caught stalking haha because it was too obvious from my angle XD
then, i found that he was with his mum,~
when i looked him, hehe he looked at me too! wow, i was so shy Photobucket

then then we were sitting, so i dont know about his tall till he stood up and I pass his side kyaaaaaaaaaaaaa milkysmile
he's so tall! omg! omg! hahaha
but soon later, i need to go, then he disappeared from my world milkysmile

good bye, minhyuk haha

♫♫♫The End♫♫♫

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1:39 AM

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

aku mo cerita! tapi gak ada waktu :(

abis link teman2 langsung tutup blog, oh my :(
sedih.. dah yah..

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2:27 AM

Thursday, August 27, 2009

im going to change my blog skin (again)
why? because i want to try make my very OWN skin :)
but, not today..
maybe next week..
it needs alot of energy XD


what happen with my chocolate?????
oh my! it's gone! i havent touch it! where is it?
grrr it must be that little brat! he stole my chocolate!
that greedy! im not going to share anything anymore with him!

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8:02 PM

Hola! New skin :)

but okay, sebenarna beberapa hari yang lalu diganti, skrg baru buat entry huhahaha

gak ada yang mo kuceritakan deh keakna..
ah kecuali akuh lagi sebel PLUS bosan ma Jaejin.
jadi beralih deh ke Minhyuk XD

no mellow2an these day, yang ada kepala stres..
malas masukin foto.. malas ngapa2in..
*tiap hari emang masas2an lol

tapi sekarang akuh bingung.. ntar nov tgl 7 gituh FTI mo ke singapura lagi! LAGI!
kemaren gak pigi, gara2 gak ada uang Y.Y
kali ini.. gak tau ah :((
padahal dah mo beralih ke cnBlue, mo siap2 beli albumna.. eh skrg datang2 news ini pula..
belom lagi tadi iseng2 ke silh0, trus dapet foto jaejin yang super cute <3333
apa seh??! goat, you are such annoying! my whole life is upside down because a goat!
oh my =-=;;
apa yang harus kulakukan??
ah........... kuliah bentar lagi mulai,, tapi belom ada persiapan apa2.. =-=;;
otakkuh tuh pikiranna cuma FTI FTI FTI!!!!!!!!!!!
gosh.. apa yang harus kulakukan seh??
pertama kali kurasakan kegilaan XDDD
dulu gak pernah SAMA SEKALI! aih.. sungguh deh v_________v

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12:42 AM

Friday, July 17, 2009

dah terbit!!! xDD
dah keluar MV terkeren!!! FTI!!!

♫♫♫♫Sideways Dance

enjoy :)

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1:58 AM

Thursday, July 9, 2009


每个人都有自己的烦恼, .

爱情故事, 爱情故事!


Actually I want to write in Chinese, but I suddenly feel sooooooo lazy to type.. I mean type properly.. xD
I really like to write nonsense in Chinese *slaps head*
Someone understand what I said just now? hehehe
Iit's LOVE yo~~

Don't misunderstood of those words..

It's not my love story but my pals ><

Haaahhh I dont know either good or not if i said at here..

But since i open this blog for today xD

I'll write it.

you know, I just got a gift from my auntie~

okay, my real auntie xD not airi or kayin or bla bla bla hahha they are at Java.. ><

okay, it's OOT,,

I'll back to topic, my auntie gave me a watch. she just back from singapore, then she bought so much things~

*I am not sad anymore when heard SG since FTI were no longer in SG, xD*

then.. you know my sis-in-law? hahahha

Hebi, sifu, alau LMAO *my koko will kill me if he knows I call his gf hebi haha* is her nickname hahaha

hebi rofl Liyun *at last I call her name properly xD* is my best friend and MAYBE will be my future sis-in-law also got watch from my auntie ^^

My auntie bought 3 watches with same models, one for me, one for Liyun, and one for Asun's gf, <<>

Then, today i need to go to school for care some school stuff for the last time, then automaticly I, Liyun, Meixuan will meet since we are in same class in school.

*you need to know that Meixuan ever liked my koko, but koko chose Liyun.* then, I and Liyun wore the watches, then, all of my friends are asking bout the watches *they are really kepoh ler... =.=;; *

they asked, "haiyo... kalian kompak amat... beli sama2 yah??"

I gulped when weny asked, i don't know what should i answered, coz there was Meixuan at there too. ><

I don't want her sad again ><

so I lied, "It's secret yo~~~~~ huahahahhahaha" a big FAKE smile really made me felt akward,, and felt guilty at the same time.. :((

Liyun just kept silent for a while since she always know what I'm thinking about..

and I notice that Meixuan's smile was faded, coz my acting is really bad! arghhhhh stupid Ling!!!!!

stupid me!!!! ><

then Liyun covered for my lie, "what? are you jealous, Weny? hehehe WE bought it together, coz WE are husband and wife. Ling is my bou mah.." while she put her hands around my shoulder, yeah, she's diff with me, she is a good actor rofl actress xD

and Anna*i think it's her, i forgot who said that* "ew... dasar gay!" xD

"biarin~~~ *stuck tongue* napa? iri yah?" Liyun said that and hugging me tightly,, hahahha we're real yaoi xD

then I glanced Meixuan a while when we were laughing.. she is not really happy.

I guessed it, she must be doubt bout that. I don't know either righ or not to speak about koko when there has her exist.

okay, as info, I am the one who match Liyun and Aseng koko. I arranged the their blind meet, and I always think that I cause meixuan's heart broken. ><

hiks hiks hiks hiks ><

tell me what should I do please ><

even Meixuan said nothing in front of us, but I bet she must be still sad.. I know that because she ever cried in front of me for the first time when koko reject her love confession, ><

I never saw her cry, but that day, yeah, that day, she cried. even the sky collapsed, she won't scared,, but that day was really bad ><

huuufff... I feel much better after said it out.. fortunately, no one of my class friends has blog or know my blog xD

12:00 AM